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Best value for price budget laptop for students

Are you looking for best price laptops?
Searching for a budget laptop that suits the need of students and overall computing need? We have made the list of budget laptop you can buy in Kathmandu, Nepal – price starting from 27,000. These laptops are thebest suit for students as well as office work that doesn’t require heavy graphics processing or GPU to be exact. These laptops are good for your computing needs such as using Word processor, office packages, accounting packages, excel sheets, presentations and day to day browsing.

Where to get budget laptops from?

For this article, we have used Logix Digital System as a source for the price of the laptop. Though we cannot guarantee the price will be same across the country we can say the price will be same if you buy it from LDS. They are located in Putalisadak, Kathmandu and also provide delivery service in Kathmandu as well as outside Kathmandu. Let’s have a look at some of the affordable laptops you can buy.

1. Lenovo X131e AMD/4/320

Lenovo X131e is 11.9-inch laptop with AMD CPU. The tiny laptop sports 4GB RAM, 320 GB HD, and anti-glare screen. The laptop is perfect for computing needs that doesn’t require heavy processing.
Price of Laptop in Nepal – Rs 26,990.


2.Acer Extensa EX2519 CDC/4/500

Acer Extensa is 15.6-inch laptop powered by Intel Celeron processor. The laptop also has Intel HD Graphics inbuilt. You will get a hard disk of 500 GB and 4GB RAM memory.
Price of Laptop in Nepal – Rs 28,990

3. Lenovo V310 i3/4/500

The Laptop can havei3 processor from Intel and also has 4GB RAM, Intel HD graphics and 500GB space. The laptop is best in the budget range and can handle more complex tasks.
Price of Laptop in Nepal – Rs 40,990.

4. Dell Inspiron 3467 i3/4/500

Same as Lenovo v310. Has i3 processor, 4GB ram an 500GB hard disk and Intel graphics. It also sports 14inch display.
Latest Price of Lenovo Laptop in Nepal Rs 41,490

5. HP 210 G1

This is probably the cheapest touchscreen laptop you can get for the price. It sports 11.6inch screen and has ani3 processor, 500GB disk space, and 4GB RAM memory.
Price of HP Laptop in Nepal Rs 44,990

6. Lenovo V310 i5

Lenovo v310, i5 variant is the best value for money laptop. The device has sports Intel i5 CPU, 500GB disk space, 4GB RAM, 15.6-inch screen and graphics are powered by Intel Graphics. This has the best processing power in the list of laptops mentioned above.
Price of Lenovo v310 in Nepal Rs 49,990

You can also check nearest laptop store to see if they have any new model. Feel free to call Logix Digital System if you are planning to buy laptop in Kathmandu or in Nepal.

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