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Churpi Packaged (Dog treat)

Himal Dog Treat

We are proud to say that we are born in Himalayas. Our animals are the species that are rarely found and we handle them with care. As they are the only medium through which we are surviving said by our farmers.


We have the potential to feed our pets and as well as yours, we are trying to reach you by our quality treat for your pet. They like to play, cuddle, doing puzzle, chew eat in private.

Lets give them something they can enjoy and get proteins as well which helps to grow tissue, create hormones, protein is an important building block of bone, muscles, skin, cartilage and blood.

There can be number of ways your feeding habits affect the behaviour of your dog and you might not be aware about it. Even the health of your dog might be affected by the diet you provide him.

Pic: Different layers of Churpi

Until we found the organic and high proteins with less fat chew that are made in Himalayas (Churpi) these chews can be microwaved which becomes a cheesy puff, very crispy and tasty.

As we look through the results all kinds of breeds love it and we are going around the world to look for them to provide them our healthiest products.

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