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Few things that a person should learn while networking

I had no leads and sales for my new business. I wasted a lot of time at networking events. I’d walk away with a bunch of business cards of people who I had no real connection with. Most of those cards ended up in the trash. One day I realized that I was doing it wrong. Effective networking is about giving, not taking. It’s about “we”, not “me”..I’d often walk away disappointed that I didn’t GET a new client or new lead. So I studied powerful networkers who I looked up to, and observed what they were doing differently. I learned that.

– They had a clear strategy and objective of what they wanted to accomplish BEFORE they went along to an event

– They focused on connecting with and creating value for the event hosts and speakers

– They looked for strategic partnerships instead of leads

– They asked smart questions and listened more than they spoke

– They followed up within 24 hours

– They shifted from being attendees to speakers and leveraging their time better.

First, I went to a networking event with a different mindset and strategy. As I became a better networker and presenter, I started building more powerful relationships with key people of influence. People began to recognize and respect my ability to add value. I was getting invitations to speak at meet-ups, online summits, contribute to books and blogs. My business became recognized along with some bigger players and we were getting more consistent leads and sales. Last month I spoke at Kuala Lumpur’s #1 co-working space, and I’m booked to speak at 2 groups in Taipei next month. If you’re wondering if networking is a waste of time, then ask yourself:

Am I focused on giving or getting?

Author: Anfernee Chansamooth 

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