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Fuel Crisis Decrease Festival Fever

Crisis itself define the disaster and emergency symptoms. But while explaining about fuel crisis I would accept with the rest of the world on how it is complicated to enjoy the festivals.

Definitely, this year has been the most miserable one. Starting the Nepali year, we faced natural disaster, which killed thousands of people. It was difficult to overcome the loss. After a certain period of time, Nepal welcomed the new Constitution, which became the cause of unofficial blockade that ultimately affected an important festival of Nepal known as Dashain. In fact as a common man, my Dashain was also effected due to the crisis of petroleum products. Added to that shoppings trend used to take a high peak during the dashain and tihar festival. But this fuel crisis made the business owners fall down. The markets were empty. The only business owners were yawning looking at the street.

And celebrating Tihar, festival of lights, where goddess Laxmi is worshipped, I am not mentally prepared, thinking about how and where I will be able to manage the cooking gas, refill my vehicle with fuel. Like me there were thousands of people who were seeking alternative on how to celebrate festival with the smile on their face.

Chhath, is another big festival, celebrated by the people living at Tarai belt. Since, there are more effects of ongoing strikes, scarcity of petroleum products, majority of people have been affected and might not be in the mood to celebrate the festival. People from Madhesh who are living and working in the Capital are not able to visit their homes because of this.

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