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Good News Mobile phone do not cause brain cancer

This article is based on the research which gives good news mobile does not increase risk of brain cancer. Today, we can find mobile devices in the hand of most of the people. It has become one of the popular means of communication. Due to its ease people use this device for different purposes like call, text and explore the internet. This has made the huge increment in mobile users in the globe.


The above chart shows the number of global mobile users from the year 2013 to 2019. Looking at the chart, we can see the increase in mobile users. This shows everyone feels comfortable to use mobile devices and it has become one of the essential parts of their day to day work.

Why are people concerned that mobile devices might cause cancer or other health issue?

  • Mobile devices release radio-frequency energy which is also known as radio waves. It is a type of non-ionizing radiation from the antennas. Tissues that are near to the antenna can take in this energy.
  • The number of mobile users has increased quickly in the Worldwide. The number of subscriptions is assumed by international Telecommunication Union to be 5 billions.
  • Eventually, the number of mobile users each day, the length of each call and the total time users use the device has augmented. Hence, the enhancement on mobile phone technology has consequence in the devices having less power output compared to the previous models.

Mobile device has no connection with brain cancer

For the past few years, users are aware of the mobile devices as they thought adverse use might create lots of health issues. They were compelled to hear about the increase in the brain cancers. However, there is no connection between mobile device users and brain cancer as revealed by a landmark study. Researchers did not get an increment in the tumors in the past 29 years, in spite of a huge growth in the usage of mobile devices.

According to the study conducted in Australia, about 9% of people use a mobile phone which contains turns over 90% recently. Conversely, in the similar time, the rate of cancer in people of age group 20-84 increased a little in men and lingered stable in women.

There occurred ‘major’ raise in the tumors in the aged people, but the growth started five years earlier the mobile devices introduced in Australia as explained by the researchers.

Based on the Professor Simon Chapman from the University of Sydney, mobile phones release non-ionizing radiation that is not currently considered to harm DNA and his finding made him more positive the devices are not linked to cancer.

A year ago, Australia also noticed a brief tour from the electromagnetic radiation from mobile device pessimist Devra Davis. An international champion of the certainty Devra Davis populations covered in radiation released by mobile devices features the outbreak of disease mainly brain cancer.

A concern of the Davis was focused on an ABC catalyst plan which influenced wide-ranging analysis, which includes from me and Media Watch. Presently, the paper is available in the untimely observation in cancer Epidemiology.

Very high proportion of the population uses mobile devices and you can find the significant growth in the brain cancer incidence only to those of 70 years or more.

Consequently, based on the above research, we now understand that mobile devices do not have any connection with the brain cancer. Mobile devices do not increase the risk of brain cancer, but use the devices to its importance. Do not ignore your important or prior work using the mobile devices extreme.

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