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Hamburger and hotdogs transforms to hamdog

Mark Murray an entrepreneur from Perth, Australia has successfully invented a ‘Hamdog’, which is a mixture of Hamburger and Hotdog. It sounds quite funny but it’s the only reality.

He took his cooking transformation on reality TV show ‘Shark Tank’ last year. He told that he would need to invest millions of dollars to get the business off the ground. Murray is now selling the Hamdog at fairs and markets in Australia. Murray has announced the value of $10,000 for purchasing his venture and spreading throughout the country.

Source: news.com.au

An American entrepreneur has already created the ‘Hamdog’ but the concept of Australian based ‘Hamdog’ is quite different. The difference is the Australian based ‘Hamdog’ consists of hot dog covered in a beef patty and deep fried also covered with chili, French fries and fried egg. The Hamdog is currently sold out for AUD $8 ($6).

Here’s the official patent image of the hamdog bun:

Source: Google Patents

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