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My journey to mystical magical Khaptad

Mystical magical Khaptad

Khaptad is a journey away from the hustle bustle city life to one of the ancient histories of humankind. Khaptad gives a different feel of Mother Nature.
My journey to the mystical magical Khaptad took 25 hours bus ride from Kathmandu accompanied by other travelers headed to Doti. Chit chat which included life experiences, current political situation and funny jokes lightened up my journey.

Magical Mystical Khaptad
Picture Credit: Niraj Tamrakar

Khaptad is known as a piece of heaven on earth- a romantic place where Lord Shiva and Parvati are believed to have spent time together. The trip to this beautiful place started from Doti, homage to Saileswori temple Lord Shiva and Parvati. This temple is also known as Urdanavesori “Half male and half female- better half together at its very best.”
Khaptad National Park is in the mid hills of the Far-West of the country where the districts of Bajhang, Bajura, Doti, and Accham meet. The journey to place was of easy hikes to exhausting ones, untarnished natural beauty, and rich cultural experience of far west Nepal. As it is a plateau of grassland and forest cover at an elevation of about 3,000 meters. This park is special because it represents one of the few mid-mountain ecosystems’ in Nepal.

Magical Mystical Khaptad
Picture Credit: Niraj Tamrakar

While walking in between jungle from Jhigarana to park via Bichpani , i witnessed variety of trees. The forest here are mixture of tall fir, yew, rhododendron, oak, dense strands of bamboo and smaller shrubs. This habitat provides good cover for bear, leopard, barking and musk deer, as well as birds like Impeyan, koklas and Halij pheasants. The park also offers excellent bird-watching opportunities, view of Khaptad Daha, Nag Dhunga, and Upper Tribeni.
Khaptad is also famous place for pilgrims. Khaptad Swami settled here before 53 years ago for his meditation. I couldn’t miss to visit the Ashram of Khaptak Baba. In addition, there is no entrance restriction for visitors in this meditation area.
The grassland, army barrack, ever changing sky, walking reflexes, cool breeze creates magical atmosphere where you feel free. A place which gives you time and space to think, time to flash back, time to plan and feel relaxed. Every second spent at Khaptad was mystical; listening to the chirp sound in warmth of Mother Nature, walking in vast open space of grazing land makes feeling as walking in natural carpet. The cultural and social importance of the place makes you feel the journey as a life time learning experience.

Magical Mystical Khaptad
Picture Credit: Niraj Tamrakar

Not only that, the Tribeni (intersection of three rivers) in Khaptad is a place where we pay homage and pray for salvation of dead friends and family. I couldn’t stop myself taking a holy bath in Tribeni.
Khaptad has everything that a traveler wishes to see and learn. I’m sure that the experience I carried back has made me wiser not just for myself but for the ones around me. Khaptad is my Mystical Magical place that brought life to a new beginning with self- belief, confidence and knowledge. It is a mystical magical place one can go and explore. While at Khaptad, one does not only explore the place but also explores a glimpse of their inner self.
I underline that one needs to be at the place to feel the beauty, the charm and happiness. Travel to Khaptad to feel the bliss. Then come back full of memories to be cherished captured in pictures, videos, and in imagination. I’m sure with experience mighty nature will help us to be better human beings.

BIO: The article is written by Niraj Tamrakar. He is Co founder and president of tourism development endeavors organisation.Manager of Afnai.com. Program coordinator of powershift Nepal.

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