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Project ‘Biometric Technology’

Biometric technology: Bio means ‘life’ and metric refers to measurement. In general biometric technology was used for identification and access control. It was also used for identifying individuals that are under surveillance.

It was the month of April 2014,stage of final year of bachelor in information technology and perhaps the module was ‘Current Development’. The module was like a mini project or let say report writing. The main objective in this module was each student had to chose a topic from a given options. Our lecturer Mr. Abhinab Dahal was a kind and friendly by nature.

I chose my topic on ‘Biometrics System’. It was the topic on which I had to prepare my essay and the words limit was 500 approximately. We had to visit the respective company/organization for the research on the topic and take an interview with the necessary personnel or representative. Hence, I chose ‘IT Sutra Nepal’ Company for my research purpose which was located at Binayak Marga, Kamaladi, Kathmandu. IT Sutra Nepal is one of the renowned companies of Nepal, it was established in 2011 with the aim of focusing more on financial Nepal investment bank for its national payment network, boast of innovative technologies from the likes of of nano pc, interactive whiteboards being implemented in education sectors.

I had to prepare with various types of questionnaires. I started to research about the important questions. After preparing myself, I visited the ‘IT Sutra Nepal’ and interviewed the concerned people. At the initial phase, I was bit nervous and gradually I finished my job. I took a long breath in and out. Thinking myself I was happy to take an interview with the manager of the company. It almost took 45 minutes to finish. After revising all the questions with answers, I started writing the essay. I revised once thoroughly before submitting to my lecturer. After my final preparation, I submitted the report to my concerned lecturer with the glimpse of the smile on face hoping to get a good score.

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