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Ride hailing taxi known as ‘Sarathi’ launched in Nepal

With the gossip of Uber, Ola approaching towards Nepal and a few of taxi apps are now available, a new mobile app relevant to taxi service is planning to start shortly. The forthcoming Sarathi cab taxi app will encounter the prospects for relaxed and consistent taxi service in the capital.

The perfect part with the Sarathi taxi service is the price of the taxi service at the government rate. The Sarathi taxi service is also likely to eradicate the propensity of the taxi drivers not to work on meters. The issue of non-availability of taxi service in unusual, off hours/ places, will also be condensed with it. This app after starting and bring about suitably is likely to become a perfect choice for the doomed public transport.

The app relevant taxi service will offer three types of service to customers. They include:

  1. Sarathi Plus: This service is for the taxi drive of long hours (over 4 hours) in Capital itself or to other Places. About 350 taxis are already joined with this service and working in the road from Shrawan 15.
  2. Sarathi base: This service is for the combination of current taxi cabs for which they have requested for open offers to taxi drivers and proprietors. Till date 200 current taxis are combined up to now.
  3. Sarathi: This service will comprise their own taxi partial in figures for the capital. 56 taxis will enclose in the service in the first stage and will served from following month.

As recognized, they have done market feasibility study and conversation with the various stakeholders such as passengers, drivers, Yatayat bibhag, Traffic police and much more. After which, the app is build to accomplish the present demands of the individuals for safe, reasonable taxi service.

How to use Sarathi cab taxi app service?

To use the Sarathi cab service, you should download apps to be accessible in Android and iOS. You may not find the app available in the play stores. We will update after it is accessible. After the completing the installation process of the app, you can check out the available taxis in the map. Amongst the nearest ones, you can book one via web, phone or SMS.

The company has even assured good safety to the customers by assimilating emergency button. At some circumstances, pressing the button will aware the police, central control room, and customers emergency contact details at once through the message.

The high-tech cab service assimilates taxi tracking system, digital metering, and customer feedback mechanisms.

Along with the apps, people can even call the Sarathi cabs while plying on the road.

There are about 12 thousand taxis accessible alone in Kathmandu, about 6 such taxi services in Nepal  still working in beta stage. Till date, none of the taxi services offer the appropriate taxes to the government, in the absence of suitable billing. With the Sarathi cab taxi app, the government can also make huge amount of tax from the taxi service. Most customers will also adore the reasonable, contented and trouble-free taxi service in the capital. This service is also a portion of the Digital city or Smart City development. It also assist to offer smart services to the people.

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