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Topic: Successful startups of 2016

Just wondering, what makes a business successful today?

Lots of capital and the large building to initiate a business?

Of course, not, business drive the path of success due to its service, ideas and the dedication to work for the welfare of their clients.

You can see lots of start-ups booming these days. Well, a great business can be initiated any time, even though you have limited funding. You just need to have complete focus and dedication towards your company goal.

2016 has become a tough year for some of the business owners and lucky for some. Start-ups come and goes. While some take instant height and disappear rapidly others stay with a focus and grow winning the heart of everyone.

Best ways to learn is to learn from other’s success stories and mistakes. To make you aware of the business, the article puts together the successful start-ups of 2016. During this year, most of the young business matured through new investments, making space for new start-ups to go along the new concepts and creativity.So, are you ready to know those start-up companies??

So, are you ready to know those start-up companies??

Here we go:

  1. Helmets Nepal

One click platform for every kind of helmet and safety gears Helmets Nepal has become the well-admired digital platform for bike lovers. Exploring the website, you can save your time rather than wasting your time and effort search for helmets going from one shop to another. This online store comes up with different types of bike accessories with lots of design and print choice.

To make customers more easy to use the service, they also send mechanics to fit the bike accessories you buy. You just have to make time to decide on the item you choose online.

helmet nepal
helmet nepal
  1. Creative SEO Nepal

With the increasing demand and advancement of the digital market, Creative SEO Nepal comes up with SEO services. The company is managed by young SEO experts who are committed to working for the goodwill of their clients who are willing to make their special place in major search engines.

The skilled team of Creative SEO Nepal aims to enhance Nepali business with more leads and conversion. They are experienced working with different companies and pleasing their clients through high rankings in different search engine result page via applicable keywords.




  1. Web Robo

Established on 4th July 2016, web design company Web Robo has become successful to win the heart of lots of Nepali companies. The digital web agency is well-prepared to help the business in developing countries.

Besides, Web Robo comes up with an extensive range of digital and web development solution for the company all over the globe. Welcoming website design team are always ready to develop a website and mobile application helping our clients flourish online.



  1. com

MyRupeeBag.com works with the mission to offer a cost-effective way to shop in Nepal. Anything you purchase either mobile devices, books, apparel, laptops, camera, baby care items, dress, footwear or anything you want, this online store facilitates you with free cashback as well as coupons.

Besides, their Cashback and Coupons partner is the leading hotel booking company Bookings.com. Also, they are connected with other international brands and facilitates with cashback in Nepal.



  1. The platform Inc.

Platform Inc. is one of the first co-working space in Nepal. They offer office spaces in affordable price compared to traditional offices as the workplace is shared by various companies and freelancers providing an extra benefit of a community that enhances the productivity and inspires the teamwork.

To Rent an office or a building needs very high initial investment and also devastating monthly expenses. At Platform, you get a completely facilitated office and event space, without any obligations or long-term contracts, where members can just concentrate on their work and not have to concern about the every day of maintaining the workplace.


Wrapping Up,

These are some successful start-ups of 2016.

Are you aware of any other successful start-ups? Please let me know in the comments below!




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