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Stress and Tension Affecting The Youth

Stress and tension is something that affects our whole body mechanism. It is a problem nowadays faced by everyone, especially among the youth. The youth has become a target and is unable to face the challenges of demanding lives and is becoming an easy prey of all the difficult circumstances.

I am sure that you must be surely aware of the steep rise in youth suicide cases all across India. It is just because of the stress, hypertensions, and anxiety they face in today’s living pattern and this is a serious issue, which should not be taken lightly. Today’s generation will be the only working for a better world. So don’t you think that there stress levels should be controlled? The stress may affect our health by causing emotional distress and various other changes. It may also bring a change to our behaviour and lead us to depression. You get angry for no reasons and start behaving in a weird manner, with everyone including your family, relatives, friends etc. People may start disliking you.

The reason for the stress and tension faced by the youth may be some kind of illness, pain, some family conflicts, death of a loved one and maybe poverty. The parents should be intelligent enough to keep their children away from the family matters and give them most of their time. The adults should spend time with them and take care of their various interests and I am sure that that youth will lead a happy and healthy life. You also must be aware that the children who face lots of stress seriously affect the brain, which leads to a short-term memory. You may start go-getting things soon. But if you want to prevent the stress in youth than a very important thing you need to take care of it communication so that no one’s feeling is gone unseen. Meeting new people and visiting new places may reduce the stress levels in a child. You should give them a positive environment. Ask the child if something is bothering them. Encourage the child to develop positive habits.

At last, I would like to say that today’s youth is a wonderful creation. It is true that it also has some deficiency in them along with the good qualities. But it is the responsibility of the adults to give them a positive environment give them values to keep them away of the stress and tension because the youth are the one’s who will be building up better world for everyone. They will be the one’s who will make our lives more luxurious with their innovations.

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