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Top 10 painting Tips and Tricks

We all love to make our house beautiful with fine and superior paint color. If you have decided to paint the room in your residence for the better appearance of your room, then this article can be very helpful as I will provide you every tips and tricks that you need to follow while painting your home or room. Earlier than you start to paint the walls all the tools and colors ready which you may require during the time of painting.

To make your painting more efficient, follow these top painting tips and tricks:

Pick up a color

Picking up a color might be the toughest part so you need to do this task carefully and find the color that makes you happy and refreshed. If you do not have a proper concept regarding the type of color you ought to paint, then keep on researching on the color and drag the color within a small piece. This definitely helps you to get admiring color.

Additionally, bring some paint chip and check the way it appears in your room. After that place them to the furniture, floor, artwork and anything that is already in the room. You can also acquire small sample pot of the color and start painting a large square within the partition.

Utilize more than a color

If you started to use more than a color within a room make sure you follow these tips:

  • When you hold a chair rail and desire to paint the top as well as the bottom of walls with different colors it will be fine to employ shady colors on the base and light at the peak. Keep in mind that light color dominates and dark color might have some base effects.
  • In order to emphasize paint it neatly with a darker shade compared to the walls. You can do similar to the ceiling. With paint on a shade darker makes the room experience comfortable, paint it a lighter shade creates an airier mood.

Painting Effect

To follow the fine painting tips you should not stay backward instead you need to attempt some dissimilar painting effect. There are various tasks which you can perform with paint thus there will not be necessary to apply identical color on the walls. Some exciting methods or procedures counts color jamming, stenciling and color washing. Moreover, you can always employ various color on the similar wall and delicate effect which you can utilize various ends.

Decide on the amount of paint required

By adding the width of the walls within the room, you can make the calculation multiplying the height of a wall from the floor to ceiling. After that, take a whole and deduct the entire part of every entrance, window and arch. This helps you to acquire a precise spot of wall space that you require for painting. One common law of thump includes a smooth surface which mostly needs one gallon for each 400 square feet.


These are some handy tips which you need to understand and follow. Applying these tips will surely make the appearance of your home look more beautiful and refreshing.

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